Gary Baldwin, Superintendent, Bethel, AK

Barb Angaiak, President NEA-AK, Anchorage, AK

Steve Bradshaw, Superintendent, Sitka, AK

Pam Lloyd, GCI, Anchorage, AK

Patricia Chesbro, AEIN Director, Anchorage, AK

Barbara Bolson, AEIN Board Chairperson, Anchorage, AK

Carol Comeau, Superintendent, Anchorage, AK

Kenneth Burney, Superintendent, Palmer, AK

Letitia Fickel, Principal Investigator AEIN, Anchorage, AK

Christine Gehrett, KPC, Soldotna, AK

Gary Turner, Director of KPC, Soldotna, AK

Kameron Holloway Perez-Verdia, President A-GLF, Anchorage, AK

James Liska, Dean UAA/CAS, Anchorage, AK

Howard Diamond, Superintendent, Akiachak, AK

Mary Snyder, Dean UAA/COE, Anchorage, AK

Jamie Stacks, Superintendent, St.Paul, AK

Stewart McDonald, Superintendent, Kodiak, AK

Doug Conboy, Superintendent, Chevak, AK

Nancy Boxler, Asst. Director AEIN, Anchorage, AK

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